Support of a person with disabilities

Support of a person with disabilities

Present situation of a person with disabilities

Persons with disabilities who cannot use traditional equipment because of convulsion or involuntary movement, have difficulty in spending their lives not only to use e-mail or browsing a website with a personal computer but also to use home electric appliances and cell phone. There are various kinds of ways or devices for a person with disabilities.

However for a person with disabilities who can use only specially customized switches, not only they cannot use personal computers easily but also they cannot use cell phones without caregivers even in case of emergency because there are no device they can use or only very strict device exists.


What’s the problem? And what is needed?

It is difficult or it takes a long time to adapt operation switches to a person with disabilities who has involuntary movement or who has severe motor dysfunction. Also it takes much cost to adapt switches to follow the changing of their ability of their body movement.

For example a person with severe motor dysfunction, who has progressive muscular disease or nervous disease, will face to decrease of muscular in progress of disease. In such cases, they have to choose a new way of input method and try to adapt the equipment for users, because they cannot use their previous equipment any more. Also, the device is needed that is adaptable for their body feature of persons with disabilities and their change of body function in long term.


Personal adaption is needed

It is unreasonable to develop a method that is usable for everyone because they have various kinds of degree of disabilities, such as movable parts of the body and involuntary movement.

On the other hand, it is unreasonable to develop an equipment or software for each user. So, it is needed necessarily to develop a basis of the system and customized part of the system such as learns the bigness of personal movement.