Software Release

The gesture interface recognizes the following 9 types of gestures, allowing you to operate the monitor and express your intentions. To use it, please read the following recognition module and terms of use, agree to the disclaimer, and contact our customer service.

Recognition Engine Module

Released recognition modules

  • foot gesture
  • finger
  • head
  • Front object
  • wink
  • knee
  • Mouse tongue
  • Slight Movement
  • Shoulder
  • Gesture Music

・Example of use

Mind Express

Please contact our customer service for examples of actual use.

Here is a usage example.


For use


Please feel free to contact us by email.First, online (Zoom, Skype, etc.), tell us about your current PC usage and desired gestures, and we will screen if it is suitable.At that time, if you can show us a video of the desired part, we will proceed immediately.


・Rental of cameras and PCs

After considering the compatibility with this system, we will lend the camera & cable and software free of charge if the person with a disability uses it. In addition, if you are going to a hospital, etc., we will lend you a notebook PC with all software installed, a camera, a camera arm, and a set of cables. First, check with your occupational therapist to see if you are compatible. If you want to continue using it after trying it out and confirming its operation, please purchase a camera (around 35,000 yen) and use it. The software is provided free of charge.


・PC operating conditions

It is used by connecting the distance camera “Intel RealSense Depth Camera D415/D435” to a Windows 10/11 Home/Pro 64bit PC with USB 3.0. * In order for RealSense to work without problems, it is recommended that the PC has a CPU equivalent to Intel Core i7/5 and a main memory of 8GB or more. Please check the conditions in the table below when selecting a camera.

Camera type Angle of view Minimum Distance Note
D415 Narrow 80cm In principle, we recommend this camera
D435 Wide 50cm Use when the camera can only be placed close to the body
D435i You cannot use this camera in this system

* In August 2021, Intel announced that the development of Intel RealSense would be discontinued. However, as of February 2022, the sale has not been canceled and a certain number of lots are still being imported. The price has increased by about 10,000 yen (about 35,000 yen), but it can be purchased from various distributors via the Internet without problems. The model of the distance camera of this software has already been switched to 4 units, and it does not depend on a specific distance camera. We will continue to support the RealSense series even after the end of sales, and we are preparing to support new models, so please use it with confidence.



This system does not completely guarantee the operation of the user’s communication function. If there is a defect that impairs the health or property or safety of the users or the other people in this system, the Institute does not take any responsibility for any damage caused by this defect.