Software Release

All software will be released soon, please contact to this customer service.

Recognition Engine Module

Recognition modules will be released

  • foot gesture
  • finger
  • head
  • Front object
  • wink
  • knee
  • Mouse tongue
  • Slight Movement
  • Shoulder
  • Gesture Music

Usable conditions

・Movable conditions

Connect an image range Sensor “Intel RealSense Depth Camera D415” to a PC that OS is windows 10 Home/Professional 64 bit with USB 3.0.
The system’s desirable PC spec is that its CPU is Intel Core i7 or equivalent, and its main memory is 8 GB or more in order for RealSense to operate without problems. this interface can be used offline, so no network environment is required.


・Download conditions

Of those who contacted us, the software can be used free of charge, in case that the disabled person actually use this system. Please purchase and use the camera (around 25,000 yen) and the camera stand by yourself.



This system does not completely guarantee the operation of the user’s communication function.
If there is a defect that impairs the health or property or safety of the users or the other people in this system, the Institute does not take any responsibility for any damage caused by this defect.