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About this web site
This web site provides information about gesture interface for persons with motor dysfunction.
What is gesture interface?
We provide a flexible and adaptable image range censor interface for persons with motor dysfunction who cannot use normal interface.
What is AAGI?
AAGI(Augmentative and Alternative Gesture Interface) is a gesture interface can extend user's capabilities selectively.
recognition engine
We develop a fundamental multi-gesture recognition engine for persons with motor dysfunction who cannot use standard interface, with analyzing and categories a wide variety of gestures from them. To adapt a basic recognition engine to each user, we tried to develop an interface for the people who cannot use traditional interface. The feature is by recognizing bust or waist area, we can recognize multi gestures at the same time.
In the future, we plan to develop an interface that can reduce digital divide for elderly people and normal users.
The usage
of this web
We provide recognition engine and we plan to adapt for more users.